The application of dental sealants to the chewing surfaces of your back molars is simple, painless, and can help you out greatly in the long run. Mainly, these thin, virtually invisible coatings keep plaque and food debris out which means a reduced chance of cavities developing. If you’re interested, our Greater Orlando, FL, dentists can treat children, teens, and adults.

Dental sealants are colorless, thin coatings brushed onto back molars to keep plaque or food debris out.

Learn more about the benefits of dental sealants below.

Exploring Sealants & Their Process

Dental sealants come in the form of a liquid, are often colorless or slightly tinted, and can easily be brushed onto teeth in minutes. Essentially, their purpose is to shield your back teeth and prevent bacteria from entering in through fine grooves or pits on the top surface that even the bristles of your toothbrush can’t always clean.

Before we apply the sealants, we’ll start by thoroughly cleaning the teeth in need. They’ll then be dried off and an absorbent material (often gauze) will be placed around teeth to make sure everything remains dry while we work. An acid solution will be applied onto each tooth’s chewing surface to roughen up the area and encourage the best bond between the tooth and the sealant.

After teeth have been rinsed and dried once more, our team will paint the sealant onto the tooth’s enamel, where it will bond directly. To ensure the sealant properly hardens, we’ll use a special curing light to cap off the procedure. You’re now good to go!

Sealants vs. Fillings

Overall, the dental sealant procedure is a faster, more comfortable, and more cost-effective approach than tooth-colored fillings. Of course, fillings still have their place and are needed to repair decayed teeth, but prevention is always the best method.

Any tooth that doesn’t have a cavity to begin with is going to be stronger and healthier than one that has experienced decay and received a filling. There’s no drilling involved with sealants and the short process doesn’t require any sedation or anesthesia so it’s manageable for even the most anxious patients.

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