Whether you choose to go the more traditional route with full and partial dentures or you’re open to integrating dental implants for additional support, our Greater Orlando, FL, dentists will find the right fit for you. We pride ourselves on offering comfortable, never bulky denture appliances to patients who have lost teeth and want that functionality (as well as look) back.

Able to be both removable or permanent in combination with dental implants, dentures restore missing teeth.

If you feel that you’re ready to get started with the process of being fitted for new dentures, great! We’d love to have you come into our Ocoee, FL, dental office so our team can evaluate your smile and determine the next steps. Call Classic Smiles today at (407) 378-0139 to request an appointment and we’ll help you find a time that works for your schedule.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Anchored directly to your jawbone, this type of denture is not going anywhere thanks to its foundation of dental implants. Implant-supported dentures do come in removable and fixed options with the version you can take out being known as overdentures. Our dentists are proud to offer this form of restoration to our patients as it blends multiple trusted dental techniques for an ever stronger result.

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If you are a fan of how traditional dentures can be removed but you’d prefer added stability, overdentures can give you the best of both worlds. This type of oral appliance is also known as a “snap-in denture” and is supported by dental implants instead of simply resting on top of the gums. Our dentists will need to place the implants and wait for the areas to heal before fastening the denture(s) on top.

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Full & Partial Dentures

Tried and true, full and partial dentures have stood the test of time because of their accessibility as well as practicality. In fact, current iterations of the more standard denture are much more evolved, comfortable, and natural-looking than those of the past. Excluding any tooth removal by our dentists prior to getting started, there is no oral surgery involved in the placement of dentures.

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