Dental Bonding Dentist Near Me

Relatively budget-friendly and noninvasive, dental bonding involves our Greater Orlando, FL, cosmetic dentists applying and sculpting tooth-colored composite resin onto teeth to correct chips, cracks, or small gaps. For guaranteed seamless results, we’ll use a shade guide prior to getting started in order to color match the resin material with your natural tooth enamel.

Dental bonding involves applying and sculpting tooth-colored resin onto teeth to camouflage chips, cracks, or small gaps.

Here’s what else there is to know about the dental bonding process.

Dental Bonding vs. Porcelain Veneers

When considering cosmetic dentistry options, it’s natural to weigh the benefits of dental bonding against porcelain veneers. Both procedures aim to enhance the appearance of teeth, but they differ in several key aspects.

Where veneers cover the entire front surface of your tooth and require some shaping beforehand, dental bonding only targets a portion of the tooth with the application of a resin material, making it a more conservative option. It is particularly effective for addressing minor imperfections like chipped edges, small gaps, or an irregular shape. The procedure is relatively quick and requires little to no enamel removal, making it a less invasive and cost-effective solution compared to veneers.

On the other hand, if you have severe tooth discoloration or cosmetic issues that go beyond what tooth bonding can correct, porcelain veneers may be the more appropriate solution. The choice between bonding and veneers ultimately depends on your specific smile goals, budget, and the extent of the desired transformation.

Core Stages of the Dental Bonding Procedure

Good news: cosmetic bonding can typically be completed in a single visit! That means you can come into our Ocoee, FL, dental office for the procedure and leave some time after with an enhanced look.

Depending on how many teeth you’re having treated, the process can be broken down into 4 main stages:

  • We’ll clean your tooth (or teeth) to ensure a proper bonding surface.
  • Composite resin is applied and shaped.
  • The tooth-colored material is dried using a UV light and any other adjustments to the shape are made.
  • Our dentists will polish your tooth to give it a nice shine and make sure the restoration is smooth.

Beautifully Conceal Imperfections 

Our cosmetic dentists serving Greater Orlando, FL, would be more than happy to discuss dental bonding with you if you’re interested. Call Classic Smiles today at (407) 378-0139 to request an appointment and we’ll get started.