Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentists Near Me

Our Greater Orlando, FL, dentists can help you rebuild your entire mouth from the ground up, so to speak, with full mouth reconstruction. Consisting of multiple restorative procedures, this approach to treatment seeks to not only improve aesthetics but health and functionality as well. Patients with missing, worn, or vulnerable teeth are prime candidates for full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction involves multiple treatments that are designed to target missing teeth, gum disease, and more.

Here’s all that goes into the process of restoring a majority, if not all, teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

Who Needs Full Mouth Reconstruction?

At its core, full mouth reconstruction (also known as full mouth rehabilitation or restoration) is about fixing how the teeth, gums, and jaws function. It has a cosmetic component in that the end result looks naturally beautiful, but it isn’t solely a smile makeover. This form of treatment utilizes a wide variety of dental restorations to help a person comfortably smile, eat, and speak.

Our dentists may consider you a candidate for full mouth reconstruction if:

  • You have missing teeth due to decay or dental injury
  • One or more teeth are fractured, broken, or otherwise damaged
  • There is evidence of severe enamel erosion
  • You regularly experience jaw, muscle, or headache pain (bite issues)
  • You have teeth with large fillings that are in bad condition

Our dentists will perform a comprehensive oral exam, take X-rays, and sit down with you to go over our findings. We’ll also ask you what your goals are, dive deeper into your dental history, and review possible procedure timelines. Together, we’ll devise an appropriate treatment plan that suits you best.

Range of Procedures Involved

Depending on your dental needs, our dentists may recommend different reconstructive treatments. For example, if you have gum disease, the process of improving your oral health may be unlike someone who mainly has missing teeth.

Your full mouth reconstruction process may include:

Develop a Treatment Plan With Our Dentists

Your smile should never cause you pain, discomfort, or feelings of shame. Our dentists serving Greater Orlando, FL, can help you confidently show off your new look with treatments included in full mouth reconstruction. Call Classic Smiles today at (407) 378-0139 to request an appointment.