Restorative Dental Services Near Me

Bring new life to your smile and re-establish good oral health with our core restorative dental procedures. Strengthening damaged or vulnerable teeth, treating cavities, and filling in noticeable gaps where teeth have been lost are all possible when you receive special care from our team of Greater Orlando, FL, dentists.

Call our Classic Smiles team today at (407) 378-0139 to request an appointment and we can sit down one-on-one to discuss exactly what treatments work best for you. Feel free to also leave us a message or ask questions using our online contact form. See you soon at our Ocoee, FL, dental office!

Porcelain Crowns

Predominately used for restorative purposes, but also appropriate for enhancing smiles, porcelain crowns fit right over the tops of teeth to hide severe tooth stains or provide strength when there’s been damage. A variety of other instances may also prompt our dentists to place a crown but we will always make sure you’re on board and it’s in your best interest.

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Dental Bridges

Great for patients who are missing one to two teeth, dental bridges fill in and connect your smile. The most traditional construction of a dental bridge involves a false tooth (pontic) in between two supporting porcelain crowns. Our dentists can place those two crowns on natural teeth that are located on either side of the gap or on top of embedded dental implants.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Also known as composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings are primarily composed of a resin material that when placed, blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. Unlike traditional metal amalgam fillings, this option provides patients with a discreet way to repair cavities while still mimicking the color and texture of surrounding teeth. This cosmetic advantage, coupled with their durability and versatility, has caused this type of filling to soar in popularity.

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