Great for patients who are missing one to two teeth, dental bridges fill in and connect your smile. The most traditional construction of a dental bridge involves a false tooth (pontic) in between two supporting porcelain crowns. Our Greater Orlando, FL, dentists can place those two crowns on natural teeth that are located on either side of the gap or on top of embedded dental implants.

A dental bridge consists of one or more false teeth in between two supporting porcelain crowns.

Here’s what you need to know about this form of restoration.

What Can a Dental Bridge Do for Me?

Big picture, a dental bridge serves as a practical solution for individuals experiencing tooth loss, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. This oral appliance spans the gap created by missing teeth and helps to restore the ability to chew and speak properly, while also stopping the surrounding natural teeth from shifting into the empty space. If left unchecked, this could result in misalignment issues.

Beyond functional improvements, a dental bridge from our dentists can significantly enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile, giving a more complete and natural look. Bridges also work to maintain facial structure and prevent the sunken appearance that can result from the loss of teeth.

Overall, a dental bridge is a versatile and effective way for individuals seeking to regain everything that their smile used to be.

Factors That Influence the Type of Bridge

There are 4 primary types of dental bridges that exist but the one you’ll receive will depend on a few different factors. Those include:

  • Your age
  • The number of teeth missing
  • The size of the open area/gap
  • The health of your surrounding teeth and if those on either side of the gap are natural or if dental implants are needed
  • Your overall oral health
  • Personal preferences

Ultimately, an informed decision by our dentists will determine the final bridge design. Remember, we will not move forward without patient approval and will give you every necessary detail to keep you in the loop. It’s your smile after all!

Ask Our Dentists About Dental Bridges

If you’re in need of a dental bridge, our dentists serving Greater Orlando, FL, are all ears. We can take a look at your smile and use our findings to make a recommendation that works for you. Call Classic Smiles today at (407) 378-0139 to request an appointment.