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Root Canal Ocoee FL

Root canal treatment at Classic Smiles is a less intrusive option than tooth extraction. Despite its negative reputation, it will not be as big of an imposition to have the infected root canal removed rather than having your tooth extracted and replaced with dentures or implants, which can be time consuming and costly.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal procedure is necessary if you want to save your tooth. The only other option is to have the tooth extracted. The procedure involves removing all infected tissue from inside a tooth before cleaning out any debris that builds up in there over time. Once this has been completed, our dentist will seal off access to the hollow part of the chamber with either cement or a dental crown depending on what's best for you as an individual patient.

Although many people are anxious about the thought of root canal treatment, there really is no need. It is similar to a filling in terms of discomfort, but it just takes longer. This is because all the soft tissue must be removed from the center of the tooth, as well as down each root and root canal.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

A tooth can become infected by bacteria if the soft center (pulp chamber) becomes exposed. This happens when damage to the hard shell of the tooth allows bacteria to reach the pulp chamber.

Most people experience some degree of pain or discomfort when endodontic treatment is necessary, although some experience no symptoms. The main indications that a root canal may be needed can include the following:


For some people, the pain of a toothache can be mild and non-existent. For others, it may come in waves or is persistent throughout their mouths with no specific site. This discomfort usually starts off localized to one particular tooth, but then spreads outwards from there. It's possible for your jawline as well as other teeth to feel sore as well, which isn't uncommon.

Tooth Sensitivity

Anyone who has felt a sharp, stabbing pain when drinking an iced drink may be familiar with tooth sensitivity. The same pain can also occur from something hot, too. Tooth sensitivity is also one of the most common symptoms of an infected root canal that needs intervention by a dentist. People often mistake this sensation for simply having sensitive teeth but it could actually mean much more if your discomfort persists once you have stopped consuming the hot or cold foodstuffs.

Swollen Gums

If your mouth is in pain, swollen gums may be a sign of tooth decay. Have you noticed that the swelling around the painful area feels tender or might ooze foul-tasting pus when pressure is applied to it?

Discolored Tooth

A tooth can turn gray if an infection in the pulp causes damage to its root. This discoloration may occur as a result of tissue breakdown due to gum disease, among other things.

What Are the Causes of Pulp Damage?

An untreated dental cavity continues to develop until it reaches the pulp. The best way to rectify the damage is through a root canal. A crack or injury on the tooth can also spread to the pulp, leading to damage. Performing multiple procedures on the same tooth could also lead to pulp damage.

Signs of Damaged Pulp

It is difficult to identify damaged pulp unless a dentist performs an x-ray to determine the extent of your tooth damage for a root canal procedure. There are, however, several signs that indicate that your pulp might be having problems. These include swelling gums with a burning sensation together with a painful tooth.

Root Canal Procedure

When the dentist determines that you should go through a root canal procedure, we will first numb the affected area of the gums with an anesthetic to keep you from feeling pain. The dentist will use special tools to clean and shape the root canals, after which they fill the cavity. After filling the access hole, the dentist will use the adhesive cement to seal and apply an antibiotic coating to keep away the bacteria. You may need to take some antibiotics for a few days, for efficient healing after the root canal.

Caring for the Gums After Root Canal Ocoee

Your numbness will last for about two to four hours after the procedure and the gums may feel sore. It is advisable not to take hot and hard food at this time until you feel better and the numbness has worn off. You also need to resume your daily oral hygiene measures and avoid practices that could affect the area, like chewing with the treated tooth. Dental follow-ups and checkups are a must to determine the progress of the root canal process and avoid any risk that could arise from the procedure.

Why is the Root Canal Procedure Necessary?

A root canal saves your tooth from further damage allowing you to go about your daily routine normally. It enhances a natural look and ensures efficient chewing with a comfortable force.

Who Should Undergo the Root Canal Procedure?

Research has not proven any possible risks in performing the root canal procedure in children and older patients. The process is a recommended option to save teeth before the damage exceeds, where a patient might be risking tooth loss and other health problems. It is, however, necessary to consult with a dentist for advice on the way forward.

Preventing a Root Canal

Brushing teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and flossing between the teeth at the beginning and end of every day are some effective ways to prevent problems requiring root canal treatment. There really is no shortcut. In addition, visiting the dentist regularly can help to detect any problems early before they get serious.

Why Choose Classic Smiles for Root Canals in Ocoee FL?

You can visit our Classic Smiles dental clinic in Ococee FL at any time, where we provide root canal services with a high specialty. For further information about root canal treatments, contact us by phoning (407) 378-0139.
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