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Pediatric Dentistry Ocoee FL

Here at Classic Smiles we provide excellent dentistry services for kids. Dentistry for kids is specialized medical care that is directed towards infants, children, and teens' dental care. Are you wondering why an infant may need dental care? Well, kids' dentistry takes a preventive and proactive approach such that the care is provided even before the first tooth erupts. Kids' dentistry is meant to promote healthy oral conditions and to ensure that your child has that amazing bright smile that you like so much.

Are you worried about your child's dental development progress? Worry no more because the infant dental care here is specifically designed for parents who have any type of concern regarding their child's dental development.

New Standards for Dentistry for Kids

Our dentistry for kids' services are formulated to be different. With the vision to redefine your experience and that of your child in dentistry, our services are customized to ensure that your child develops confidence through a healthy smile. Our experts care for your child by transforming the perception of a dental office by ensuring that your child gets into a friendly environment that encourages a playful type of professional service for young children and teens. With proper investment in our office environment, you will have an enhanced experience when you visit our office.

Our Services for Kids

One of the services our experts conduct for kids is routine exams and hygiene since prevention is considered the best treatment. Through routine visits, our team gets the opportunity to conduct an in-depth evaluation of the oral status of your child to stop dental problems before they become worse.

Pediatric dentistry services also include white fillings using different silica-based or resins for a complete aesthetic look that still conserves the healthy teeth structure of your little ones. With our advanced 3D imaging technology, our professionals can visualize incredible details of your child's facial structure, while still protecting your child from excess radiation.

The experience of our professionals makes them able to provide dentistry services to your kids while preventing airway constriction from ensuring effective growth and development of your child's oral structure. Our professionals care about your child's oral health beyond just straight teeth. Our pediatric experts are trained in sedation, which allows them to treat special oral conditions using safe sedation methods like general anesthesia within a safe environment.

Your infant does not have to suffer from soft tissue issues in the mouth as our experts can release lip and tongue ties to improve the success of breastfeeding for you and your baby. Using technologies like dental laser, our experts can safely perform these procedures with limited bleeding.

If your child has a chipped, decayed, discolored, or fractured tooth, we are able to restore their smile with dental bonding.

Our dentistry for kids services also includes Emergency Dentistry services where our experts work hard to accommodate emergencies. We also provide your kids with permanent crowns, as well as root canals which affect your teenage kids extensively.

For more information about dentistry for kids, call us at Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 today! Our team of friendly professionals looks forward to hearing from you.
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Here at Classic Smiles we provide excellent dentistry services for kids. Visit our website to learn more about dentistry for kids and then call us!
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