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Nobel Guide for Implants Ocoee FL

All on 4 implant model for Nobel biocare at Classic Smiles in Ocoee, FLNobel Biocare has quickly become a very well-known name. This company is the world leader in dental implants and is synonymous with unparalleled excellence and aesthetics. In addition to their incredible implants, Nobel Biocare has developed some incredible technology for ensuring proper implant placement and optimal results. At Classic Smiles, we are proud to be partnered with this revolutionary company for their unmatched dental implants and innovative implant technology, including NobelGuide.

What is NobelGuide?

NobelGuide is a revolutionary technology that allows us to not only plan your dental implant treatment but implement it as well. It incorporates 3D CT scans, CAD-CAM software, and biomedical engineering, allowing us to perform your implant surgery with incredible, unparalleled accuracy. With NobelGuide, we can provide you with the best implant treatment for your tooth replacement needs.

How Does NobelGuide Technology Work?

With NobelGuide, we first take a 3D CT scan of your mouth, which shows us a detailed view of all anatomical structures. We are then able to use specialized software in manipulating the image in a variety of different ways, seeing your mouth from all different angles. We can determine the optimal placement of your dental implants as well as your immediate teeth or bridge. The technology also enables us to create a 3D surgical guide.

This guide is extremely precise as to the position of the dental implants as well as the connection of your dental restorations. The entire surgical procedure is guided step by step, allowing us to perform the most exact movements in an extremely precise manner. We can provide you with the best aesthetic outcome with as little discomfort as possible.

Following your treatment, we can place immediate implants, providing your final restorations right away, or we can provide you with temporary teeth and create your dental restorations after you have healed from surgery.

Benefits of NobelGuide Technology

There are several incredible benefits of NobelGuide technology. These benefits include:

•  Increased predictability and safety. In planning your surgery before we begin, we can increase the safety of your procedure. Prior planning also allows for a more predictable process, decreasing the likelihood of surprises during surgery.

•  We can create customized surgical templates that allow for guided pilot drilling or fully guided implant insertion.

•  With guided treatment, we can optimize your aesthetic results, providing you with a completely natural, beautiful smile following implant surgery.

•  Surgery typically goes faster, and it is often less invasive than traditional implant surgery.

•  It often takes less time to heal after your procedure is complete.

•  NobelGuide allows us to minimize your discomfort during and after implant surgery, which can greatly increase your satisfaction.

•  We can provide precise implant placement, which allows for the maximum fusion of the bone to the implants, a process called osseointegration. This helps to increase the success of your treatment.

With NobelGuide technology, we can not only formulate an effective treatment plan for your dental implants but also perform guided surgery for much more accurate results. For more information, and to learn what NobelGuide can do for you, call Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 today.
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Nobel Biocare has quickly become a very well-known name. This company is the world leader in dental implants and is synonymous with unparalleled excellence...
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