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Laser Dentistry Ocoee FL

Laser at Classic Smiles in Ocoee, FLNeed painless dental care? Here at Classic Smiles, we have professionals experienced in up-to-date Laser Dentistry techniques. This modern form of dental care is safe and sound, and the least invasive way to treat oral issues. Lasers are best known for teeth whitening treatments, but that is only one of many possibilities. The actual whitener is a bleaching substance, and the laser serves the purpose of heating it to speed up the process.

Using "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation" technology, also known as LASER, you can receive dental treatment without the use of fearsome drills. Perfect for children and grown-ups alike, with a much more comfortable experience due to its enhanced efficiency, lower costs and silent, clean procedures.

Different Laser Types

There are special lasers for both hard and soft tissues. Gums and tongues are soft tissues, and the tooth enamel is a hard tissue, giving its superior strength. The main difference is in the wavelength of the lasers since different kinds of tissues absorb light in different ways. That is very important to understand because if a laser is too strong it can hurt the patient, while a weak one will not work.

The hard-tissue laser is used mainly on the teeth and can detect cavities, prepare the dental tissue for fillings when those are required, and treat tooth sensitivity. Hard tissue lasers rely on their powerful wavelengths to cut through the calcium phosphate that makes the tooth enamel so tough.

Light-tissue lasers excel in cutting through tissue and sealing blood vessels simultaneously, granting faster cauterization and less bleeding. It is one of the best options available for aesthetic procedures involving gum reshaping, fold tissue removal from denture inadequacy and crown lengthening. Tongue movement restrictions can be easily repaired with the appropriate technique.

Other Uses and Advantages

Lasers are not only high-tech cutting tools. They can be accurate diagnosing devices, for they allow doctors to see the inside of gums and teeth. This is called “Optical Coherence Tomography”. Their healing properties are fantastic for regenerating damaged nerves, scar tissue, and blood vessels as well as reducing Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) inflammation, reducing the pain.

In the hands of our experienced doctors, Laser Dentistry can be used in the removal of benign tumors from soft tissues and cutting tissue overgrowth in the throat. This relieves obstructive sleep apnea symptoms by reshaping the throat and clearing the airways, although it is not a definitive treatment.

The main advantage for those opting for the laser dentistry method is the painless and noiseless procedures, with it’s greatly decreased hemorrhage chance. Some procedures don’t even require anesthesia. The laser is a potent sterilizer, reducing the occurrence of bacterial infections. Finally, surrounding tissues withstand nearly zero damage.

Nevertheless, laser is not suitable for any oral treatment. Metal amalgams fillings, for instance, won’t allow laser procedures and a few operations still require drilling to complete or polish fillings. Most bite-shaping and adjusting procedures also require drilling.

Feel free to call us for more information about Laser Dentistry procedures. We are here to take care of you! Call our office at Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 right now and give your smile a painless upgrade!

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