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At Classic Smiles, we understand that oral health does not just impact your mouth, teeth, gums, jawbone, and other mouth structures; it can also impact your general health, resulting in long-term health problems. Our family dentistry focuses on preventive care, ensuring that we prevent oral disease and other concerns and address them early on whenever they arise. Our family dentist in Ocoee, FL, Dr. Susanne I. Baaqee, D.M.D. understands the dental care needs of your family. Our dental services include:

Dental Cleanings

We advise that you and your family come for dental cleanings at least once every six months. It is crucial for your oral health. Plaque, the whitish, sticky coating, is constantly forming on your teeth and can contribute to various dental issues if not removed. These issues include decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and staining of the teeth.

Plaque left unattended can harden to tartar and become difficult to clear from the teeth with your at-home routine dental hygiene. When you visit us, we are able to clean your teeth and gums, removing the biofilm, tartar, and bacteria that you might have missed with your oral hygiene at home.
Learn more about routine check-ups.

Dental Exams

We understand that many dental problems set in silently without knowing where they hide themselves. As such, by the time you realize there is a dental issue, it may have reached severe levels where it requires extensive, costly, and invasive treatments. Sometimes, irreversible damage may arise. We include dental exams alongside dental cleanings during your routine checkups.

During the examination, our family dentist will examine oral structures like gums, teeth, and jawbone. The x-rays help us understand what is happening inside the teeth, gum tissue, and jawbone. We look for things such as gum infection, tooth decay, enamel erosion, signs of oral cancer, and cavities.
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Oral Cancer Screening

We do perform oral cancer screenings to check for indicators of oral cancer. Identifying mouth cancer is crucial in ensuring early treatment is conducted. The odds of oral cancer getting treated successfully are higher when the disease is caught early on and treated.

During your routine visit to our dental clinic, we will check your mouth for abnormal cell growth or tissue or unusual, hard lumps that could indicate the presence of mouth cancer. Even so, we understand that not all lumps or spots in the mouth are actually cancer. We may order additional tests, such as tissue biopsy if we suspect cancer. Visit us if you have not recently received an oral cancer screening.
Learn more about oral cancer screenings.

Dentistry for Children

Monitoring the development of the teeth, gums, and jawbones of children is crucial for their present and future oral health. We ask parents to bring their children to us for their first dental assessment by their first birthday or when their first teeth are about to erupt. It is easier to treat development problems during the early stages of childhood. Our family dentist in Ocoee will be able to establish a firm foundation for the oral health of your child, which is crucial as the child grows older. It helps promote a lifetime of gorgeous, healthy teeth and gums.
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Fluoride Treatment

Children are highly susceptible to decay, and for this reason, we ask that you bring them for fluoride treatment. Every day, your teeth and that of your child lose and gain minerals such as fluoride. When the rate at which mineral loss occurs exceeds that of replenishing the minerals, then decay creeps in. Professional fluoride treatment provides additional remineralization and is an essential tool for fighting tooth decay. Sometimes, it can even reverse early decay. Further, we not only provide fluoride therapy for just the children; we also give it to adults, including seniors and teens.
Discover how fluoride treatment can help prevent decay for you and your family.


Dental sealants are coatings painted on fissures and grooves of teeth to prevent cavities and decay. Our dentist applies sealants to bite surfaces of back teeth, including molars and premolars, because they are more susceptible to decay than front teeth. They have deep fissures and grooves where bacteria, biofilm, and leftovers can lodge and become difficult to clean.

A sealant coats the surfaces, providing even teeth surfaces that are easier to clean. It seals off the tooth-protective layer or enamel from destructive bacteria. Receiving sealants helps ensure that the smile of your child remains gorgeous and free of cavities for years to come, hence promoting their dental health.
Learn more about dental sealants.

Periodontal Care

The leading culprit for tooth loss is periodontal disease. When an infection in the gums occurs, it can attack the connective ligaments and spread to reach the alveolar bone. Receiving periodontal care helps eliminate gum disease and prevent it from coming back.

Fortunately, gum disease can be treated and prevented easily if spotted early on. If left to progress, it becomes difficult to treat. In fact, the adverse form of gum disease, periodontitis, cannot be completely cured. Visit us if you notice swollen, red, and tender gums that bleed easily when brushing and flossing.
Learn more about periodontal care.

Periodontal Maintenance

Most people diagnosed and treated for severe gum disease will need to go through a periodontal maintenance program. It is aimed at keeping periodontal disease at bay so that it will not recur. Gum disease relapse can be difficult to treat, so we will need to monitor your gums and teeth to see that the disease does not return.
Learn more about periodontal maintenance.

Night Mouthguards for Bruxism

People who habitually grind and clench teeth are likely to suffer from dental cavities and enamel wear. We provide a mouth nightguard to cushion the teeth and prevent the damage arising from grinding and clenching.
Read more about the importance of mouthguards.

Sports Mouthguards

Dental trauma or injury is common in people who indulge in sports and other physical activities. We advise that you get your child or yourself a sports mouthguard if you actively involve yourself in sports.
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Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea

We provide oral appliances to people with sleep apnea. This disorder can contribute to issues like a lack of adequate sleep, feeling tired during the daytime, and the risk of causing accidents. The reduced oxygen flow to the brain and body can bring about long-term damage. Most patients who wear the device say their sleep apnea and snoring have reduced drastically or are entirely eliminated.
Learn more about how oral appliance therapy can improve your sleep.

TMJ Treatment

People experiencing problems with the temporomandibular joint need to get treatment to avert further complications. Pain, locked jaw, headaches, and limited jaw movements are among the indicators of TMD. We provide treatment to help ease and alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with the disorder.
Read more about TMJ treatments available to help with pain.

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