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We are back to our normal business hours Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00 except Wednesdays 8:30-5:00.

We hope you and your family are safe and in good health. We are going above and beyond to make sure our infection control keeps everyone safe by:

1.  Having patients practice social distancing in our reception area
2.  No magazines or refreshments offered in the reception area
3.  If you prefer to be escorted from your car to the chair we are more than happy to provide you with that service
4.  Hand sanitizer is abundant and placed throughout the office. As well as multiple handwashing stations
5.  Upon entry we are taking all patients temperatures and having them fill out our screening form
6.  All staff are equipped with the proper personal equipment

Rest assured that you are in a safe, sterile environment for the duration of your visit.

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Digital Radiography

A dental assistant reviewing an x-ray with a patient at Classic Smiles.Our team of experts here at Classic Smiles are more than happy to provide you with digital radiography services as a measure towards more effective monitoring and diagnosis of oral conditions and diseases. Digital radiography represents a type of x-ray imaging that employs digital sensors, which act in a better way compared to the traditional photographic film by producing better images of oral structures and conditions like gums and teeth.

The three main types of digital radiography are direct, semi-direct and indirect images where direct imaging is characterized by the use of electronic sensors positioned strategically in the mount to produce the required image. A film scanner is used to do the indirect method, which produces a view of the traditional x-rays in the form of digital images. On the other hand, the semi-direct method of imaging combines scanners and sensors in the conversion of x-ray images into a digital film for more effective viewing of your dental problems.

Digital Radiography Procedure

We practice caution for any form of x-ray be it digital or traditional imaging since the radiation produced by the x-ray process can be harmful to your body. Using state of the art equipment, our experts perform the digital x-ray with you sitting in an upright position on a comfortable chair. Our experts value your safety and take every measure to prevent any harm to you. Therefore, a lead apron is placed over your chest and your neck protected with a thyroid collar wrapping. The picture is taken with the x-ray sensor placed on your mouth in a non-painful process with the team taking every measure to make it as comfortable as possible.

Our experts are able to take either extraoral or intraoral dental radiographs where extraoral radiographs refer to images taken outside your mouth area, while the images taken inside the mouth are referred to intraoral radiographs. The most commonly used type of digital radiography is intraoral radiographs used for obtaining images of the detailed state of tooth development and for detecting cavities and monitoring the health of bones and teeth. Extraoral radiographs are mostly recommended when our experts want to detect potential problems between your teeth and jaws, monitor your jaw development and detect impacted teeth.

Importance of Digital Radiography

Our experts use digital radiography for accessing hidden decaying areas in your teeth, especially when they are under previous restorations. Other problems that are detected using this technique include abscesses, gum disease, developmental abnormalities, bone infection, cysts, and tumors. Digital radiography provides an instant view of the conditions of your dentition, which is viewed on a computer screen in a way that can be manipulated electronically for finer details. This helps with the detection of dental problems before they progress into severe health issues. Digital radiography also provides a greener technological alternative as it eliminates any need for the use of chemical processing, which leads to hazardous waste disposal. The technique also reduced exposure to dangerous radiation compared to traditional x-ray.

For more information about Digital Radiography call Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 today!
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