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Dental Sealants Ocoee FL

Young boy smiling with healthy teeth after getting dental sealants at Classic Smiles Family Dentistry in Ocoee, FLIf you are looking for an effective but subtle way to protect your teeth, consider dental sealants.

Sealants are fairly self-explanatory as they are a layer of dental material designed to protect the teeth.

Classic Smiles has performed this procedure for some time and is a trusted name in oral care.

If you are unfamiliar with oral sealants here is some information to bring you up to speed on this simple process.

Sealants Defined

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings painted on the surfaces of teeth designed to chew, primarily molars and premolars.

The sealant bonds to the enamel of the teeth to prevent tooth decay.

While brushing and flossing can remove plaque and particles from teeth, there are some areas they simply cannot reach.

These vulnerable areas are protected by sealants as they serve as a barrier against food, plaque, and bacteria.

In terms of effectiveness, sealants have been shown to reduce the risk of tooth decay by up to 80%.

Applying Sealants

Like fluoride treatments, dental sealants are a painless, non-invasive procedure that serves as a preventative measure.

Just think of it as someone taking a few moments to paint your teeth.

They are also exponentially less expensive that a filling or treating decay as sealants cost approximately $30-$60 per tooth.

Sealant Process

First, the teeth are completely cleaned by a hygienist then rinsed and dried.

An acidic solution is then placed on the tooth’s fissured area for a few seconds before being rinsed off.

This creates tiny areas and a rougher surface that allows the sealant to attach more securely to the tooth.

Once the tooth is completely dry the liquid sealant is painted onto the enamel and hardens, sometimes with the assistance of a special light.

Dental sealants can protect against decay for up to 10 years. Regular exam visits will allow for inspection of chipping and wearing so sealants can be replaced as needed.

Dental Sealants for Kids

While almost anyone can benefit from this treatment, it is especially beneficial in children.

Sealing molars when they first come in, usually around the age of six, ensures young teeth will be protected immediately.

In fact, children 6-11 years old without sealants have three times more cavities than those who do have sealants.

Close up of a dental assistant applying a UV light to a white female patient's newly sealed teethOcoee, FL

After Dental Sealants

Once sealants are applied there is no down time or post-care.

In fact, all one has to do is just continue to brush and floss.

No one will know the sealant is there, including yourself.

Fluoride is not only safe, but recommended after having your teeth sealed.

And best of all, sealants have no side effects.

You don’t have to worry about having a reaction to anesthesia or materials in a filling since you essentially have a “raincoat” on your teeth protecting them from acid and bacteria.

The process is so simple that it can even be performed with portable dental equipment.

Dental Sealants in Ocoee FL

If you would like more information on sealants for your child or yourself, Classic Smiles, contact us today at (407) 378-0139.

We will be happy to answer your questions and see if dental sealants would be a good option for your needs.
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If you are looking for an effective but subtle way to protect your teeth, consider dental sealants. For more information call us today!
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