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Dental Exam Ocoee FL

Woman talking to dentist during dental exam at Classic Smiles in Ocoee, FLAt Classic Smiles, we are always prepared to handle your dental exams, which we consider a necessary component of preventive dental health care. During the dental exam process, our experts clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. Our professionals also evaluate your level of risk for oral problems and check for any abnormalities in your mouth, face, and neck.

Among the procedures included in the dental exam are diagnostic procedures like digital x-rays. Our professionals will discuss with you issues about diet and oral hygiene when you first come for a dental exam. Our first discussions will also include proper brushing techniques, as well as proper flossing and other lifestyle factors that can impact your health.

The Importance of a Dental Exam

You need to take care of your oral health as a measure toward taking care of your overall health. A dental exam is effective in early detection of systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes since the symptoms of these diseases can first be detected in the mouth. You will receive comprehensive instructions about your oral care based on the dental exam.

Factors Examined During A Dental Exam

Various aspects are covered during the systematic dental exam conducted by our team of professionals when you visit our office. Our team will carry out an evaluation of your overall health and oral hygiene, including an examination of your risk for bone and gum disease, tooth decay and root decay. The examination process will also include an assessment of whether you will need some of your teeth to be restored or replaced.

Your bite and jaw are important aspects of your dental structure which are examined extensively by our team to prevent issues like temporomandibular joint disorders. Our team also assesses the need for fluoride treatment with a detailed examination usually requiring the use of diagnostic procedures like a dental x-ray where appropriate.

Our experts perform thorough work which may involve inquiring about your prescribed medications, as well as other health problems you are facing to identify potential impacts of these problems on your oral and overall health. Our experts also counsel you about your diet during the dental exam process.

X-Ray and Oral Cancer Exam

Dental x-rays are a common part of our dental examination procedure as it allows our team to have a detailed view of specific sections of your mouth to identify hidden problems. This helps with proper diagnosis, considering that some sections of your mouth are invisible under regular dental examination procedures. Our experts also conduct an oral cancer examination of sections such as the sides of your neck, the roof of your mouth, the area surrounding your jaw, the sides of the tongue and inside the lips and cheeks for signs of cancer. These procedures help to detect oral cancer at an early stage when treatment is likely to result in a positive outcome.

Call us for any questions about dental exams here at Classic Smiles at (407) 378-0139 today! We can’t wait to hear from you so that we can help you in any way that we can.
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At Classic Smiles, we are always prepared to handle dental exams, which we consider a necessary component of preventive dental health care. Visit & learn more.
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