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3D Dental Imaging Ocoee FL

3D dental imaging at Classic Smiles Dentistry in Ocoee, FLTwo-dimensional dental X-rays are a thing of the past. Like almost every other aspect of modern life, 3D technology has taken over the field of dentistry and oral health. 3D images allow for more comprehensive diagnostic and treatment of oral issues. Classic Smiles offers this cutting edge technology to help our patients understand their current problems and even show the underlying problems that have not yet revealed any symptoms.

A New Standard

There is no doubt that 3D imaging is the new standard of dental care. These technological advancements let us see a patient’s mouth with otherwise unknown detail and precision. We can see the teeth and skull so clearly that problems are detected long before they begin to exhibit symptoms. While X-rays only offer 2 dimensions, 3D imaging provides us with multiple views of the mouth and skull which are ultimately a lifelike model which allows for a more in-depth look traditional images could never offer.

These extensive images let us comprehensively diagnose and plan appropriate treatments on a per patient basis. Other advantages include a shorter scan time, thus less exposure to radiation, highly accurate imagery, assessment of bone quality, and a more interactive display than what 2D X-rays can provide. 3D imaging can also digitally reconstruct the teeth and skull, which is tremendously beneficial to those who have experienced trauma and need reconstructive facial surgery. The application also has forensic use to reconstruct a victim’s face in criminal investigations.

Pinpoint Accuracy

While traditional X-rays have served a purpose for many years, 3D imaging offers a new level of accuracy. These detailed images can reveal issues that are not seen by 2D methods to allow for faster and efficient diagnostics. A CBCT scan takes as little as 10 seconds to complete, which means much less radiation exposure than older methods. In fact, the radiation dosage is reduced by as much as 98.5%. This scan is completely non-intrusive as patients do need to bite down on a mold, thus an excellent option for those with sensitive teeth and/or gums.

Overall, 3D scanning provides a more relaxed experience for patients yet a more intensive solution for providers. These scans are key for a better understanding of dental anatomy, bone structure, root positions, even hairline fractures. 3D imaging is a key step for measuring anatomical structures, even down to pinpoint dimensions for the accurate placement of implants. These scans let us see more views which allow for not only more treatment options, but more customized options.

3D imaging is not just more accurate, it allows for more tailored diagnostics. No two mouths are the same, and this advanced tool lets us make comprehensive evaluations on a case by case basis. If you are looking for truly individualized oral treatment, Classic Smiles can provide this with advanced 3D imaging. Call us today at (407) 378-0139 for a comprehensive treatment plan that covers more than standard X-rays can provide guidance for. After all, we understand that each individual mouth needs individual treatment to ensure optimal oral health for a lifetime.
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Offering 3D imaging to help our patients understand their current problems and even show the underlying problems that have not yet revealed any symptoms.
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