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Here are things every parent needs to know about baby teeth

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Classic Smiles
Here are X things every parent needs to know about baby teethIt is only normal for a new parent to have many questions regarding their child's growth and development. These questions include queries relating to the growth and formation of the baby teeth. If you are a new parent, there are critical things that you always know regarding baby teeth. The new teeth that babies develop will have an important role to play in how teeth position themselves when your baby grows into teenagehood and adulthood. Baby teeth are important for speech and play a significant role in the facial structure of your baby. It is therefore important to ensure that your baby's teeth grow properly. Our dentists will answer all your questions regarding baby teeth while you come for your regular visits.

Baby teeth starting emerging after the first six months

Your baby is likely to start teething when they reach six months old, and it can continue until they are twelve months old. This is the average time when most babies start developing their new sets of teeth. You will notice swollen and red gums, fretful behavior, excessive drooling. These are normal signs of teething and you need not worry.

You can lessen teething pain

You can play an important role in ensuring that your child handles the challenges that come with teething. Because they can experience pain while their first teeth start erupting, you can use something cold to soothe the pain. You can also massage their gums using a finger to soothe the pain. Our dentists also recommend a teething ring for the child.

Use minimal amounts of fluoride toothpaste

You can apply very little fluoride paste to their teeth. Fluoride is important in strengthening the teeth of your child. When your child is around two years, you can brush their teeth two times a day.

Book a dental appointment when the first tooth appears

Beginning early coming to the dentist will be critical in ensuring that your child's teeth develop in the right manner. Call our offices to schedule an appointment if the first tooth has appeared.
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