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Common Problems that Require Orthodontic Intervention

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Classic Smiles
Common Problems that Require Orthodontic InterventionDue to genetic disorders, environmental factors, and traumatic incidents, some people face certain dental problems that require orthodontic intervention.

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on teeth straightening, aligning, and improving the smile. An orthodontist will use dental devices and procedures, such as braces, retainers, aligners, and composite bonding, to straighten and align your teeth and to improve your smile.
The common problems that require orthodontic intervention are as follows:


There are several reasons for the overcrowding of teeth. Sometimes, the milk teeth don't fall off. The permanent teeth that are supposed to replace the milk teeth grow anyway and push the milk teeth in the front or at the back. This results in extra teeth in the mouth.

In other cases, the jawbones are small and cannot accommodate all the teeth in our mouth. As a result, our teeth grow in a haphazard way, overlapping one another and crowding our gums. This is the reason why some people have teeth at the back or at the front, and it gives them a crooked smile.
Through orthodontic procedures like tooth extraction, braces, retainers, and aligners, overcrowded teeth can be aligned properly to give the patient a pleasant smile.


Some patients have upper teeth that are bigger and more at the front as compared to their lower teeth. This causes their upper teeth to overlap on their lower teeth. Overbites are usually the result of a genetic disorder or a skeletal misconstruction, because of which the upper jaw is more at the front as compared to the lower jaw. However, it must be noted that the overbite is not the same as the overjet because the overbite teeth do not stick out.


Due to genetics or some kind of skeletal misconstruction, some people can have large protruding lower teeth that overlap on the upper teeth. This creates problems during biting, chewing and eating. It is also aesthetically unpleasant and can make the patients conscious about their smile.


Overjets are usually seen in the upper frontal teeth. These incisors protrude or jet out of the normal alignment of teeth. It can give a person an unpleasant smile because even when the two lips are brought together in a smile, the edges of the protruding teeth are visible.

Overjets are usually caused when the upper jaw is more in front as compared to the lower jaw. This mostly happens because of genetics and thumb sucking in childhood. An orthodontist will use braces and aligners to push the overjet teeth back into their position.


Hypodontia is a genetic disorder because of which some children's permanent teeth do not develop. The condition usually affects the incisors in the upper jaw, but it can also affect other teeth in the mouth. As a result, the patient may have a few of their teeth missing. These teeth just never grow. Orthodontic procedures are used to close these gaps by bringing the other teeth closer together.

Tooth Gaps

Tooth gaps are simply spaced-out teeth that are the result of a wide jawline. There is hollow space in between teeth, which gives a person an unpleasant smile and can cause inconvenience when it comes to biting, chewing and eating. Braces and composite bonding are the best orthodontic treatments for tooth gaps.

If you require orthodontic intervention for any of the problems mentioned above then visit us at Classic Smiles and consult Dr. Susanne I. Baaqee, D.M.D. and Dr. Mikal Baaqee, D.D.S.. You can also call us at (407) 378-0139 to schedule your appointment.
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