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How a Nail-Biting Habit Affects the Teeth

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Classic Smiles
How a Nail-Biting Habit Affects the TeethNail biting is a common habit among children, teenagers and sometimes, even adults. It may seem like a harmless habit triggered by nerves or worry, but it actually has serious long-term implications. It not only harms your nails but can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums as well.

Here's how a nail-biting habit can affect the teeth.

Chipping and Cracking of Teeth

You might assume that teeth are much stronger than your nails and therefore, they can't sustain any damage. However, the constant friction and force from biting the nails can weaken the enamel over time and increase the chances of the teeth getting chipped or cracked.

Not to mention, once the enamel wears away, it can never come back. Ultimately, all this leads to expensive and extensive dental restoration procedures.

Bite Problems and Gaps

Nail biting can also cause the teeth to move from their places which can further complicate matters. It can cause problems with the bite, a condition called malocclusion, which can lead to other dental problems.

Moreover, nail biting can also cause gaps to appear between the teeth, which is as uncomfortable as it is unsightly.

Root Resorption

Another serious effect of nail biting can be root resorption. This is when the jawbone reabsorbs the teeth roots, making them weaker and more susceptible to falling out.


Since our hands and nails specifically tend to carry a lot of germs and bacteria, nail biting can directly transfer those germs to our mouth. Consequently, those germs can cause various dental problems and infections in the mouth, which can lead to gingivitis and other oral conditions.


The nervous habit can also cause people to develop a habit of grinding their teeth which leads to a whole other set of dental problems.

If your habit of nail biting has caused a tooth fracture or any of these other problems, contact Dr. Susanne I. Baaqee, D.M.D. at Classic Smiles for expert advice and treatment options.
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