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Should You Invest in a Dry Mouth Spray?

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Classic Smiles
Should You Invest in a Dry Mouth Spray?If you have dry mouth, it can be downright annoying, not to mention life altering. Therefore, we can help you alleviate the symptoms so your mouth is healthier and less susceptible to decay. By contacting our office, you can learn firsthand how to overcome the problem. However, before you take any step, you need to learn more about dry mouth and why it occurs.

What Is Dry Mouth?

Also called xerostomia, dry mouth affects saliva flow, thereby causing your mouth to feel dry. Because saliva acts as a natural cleanser, it is needed for the prevention of cavities. Having less saliva in the mouth can lead to more incidents of gingivitis and decay, and can also affect the taste of the foods you eat. In addition, dry mouth can cause bad breath and can make it difficult to swallow or talk. Dry mouth may be a side effect of a medication or result from a specific condition, such as lupus or diabetes. It can also occur because of the aging process.

Should I Use a Mouth Spray?

Before you buy a dry mouth spray, visit our office to learn more about treating the condition. By visiting our office regularly, you can also stay on top of this type of problem. In addition, make sure you use a fluoride toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, as this ingredient can make dry mouth worse. To keep the mouth moist and comfortable, you can choose from one of various gels and sprays. Some of the sprays on the market also have ingredients that prevent decay and gum disease. Some toothpastes and mouth rinses are designed, as well, for eliminating dry mouth.

If you have been battling dry mouth, contact our office for treatment and advice today. Before you choose a dentifrice or a dry mouth spray, get our recommendation first. You can also gain relief by sipping herbal teas and water or sucking on sugar-free candies. Just make sure you don't bite down on the treats as doing so can damage your teeth. Give us a call if you have dry mouth or another dental condition. Schedule an appointment for a cleaning, consultation, and exam.
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