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We Have Answers to Your Dental Questions

Posted on 5/29/2020 by Classic Smiles
We Have Answers to Your Dental QuestionsWhat do you want to know about your dental health? At our office, we make it our goal to answer all our patients' questions along these lines. In our practice, we often answer certain questions more often than others. The following questions and answers cover some of the subjects we regularly discuss with our valued patients.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

While we suggest patients visit our office every six months, we still have patients ask, “How often do I really need to see the dentist?” Again, most people need to see us twice a year. However, if we diagnose gum disease, we will suggest that you see us more often. Orthodontic patients also need to visit our office more frequently. While you should visit us every six months, you also need to comply if we recommend you see us more often. Besides, the number of visits, patients also want to know if dental x-rays are safe. Comparatively, the amount of radiation you encounter is similar to the amount you would receive while flying across the US in a plane. We measure radiation exposure in millirems. When you get conventional x-rays, you receive about .5 millirems – a very small exposure. We use digital x-rays, which means the exposure is 90% less than what you'd receive from traditional imaging.

Cavities, Restorations, and Whitening

Dental patients who see us also want to understand more about cavities. We define a cavity as a small hole that forms from tooth decay. When this happens, it disrupts the tooth's structure. Cavities that are not repaired immediately grow larger. Patients may also ask how long a dental restoration will last. Dental restorations are not indestructible and will break down eventually. While fillings and restorations do not last forever, you can do what you can to increase their longevity. That means following a regimen of good oral hygiene and visiting our office every six months. Patients also want to know the best way to keep their teeth white. If you need to ramp up the brightness of your smile, we suggest you schedule an in-office whitening, provided you have healthy teeth and gums.

You can learn more about caring for your teeth with regular dental visits and following a thorough at-home care routine. Brush at least twice and day and floss at least once daily. Rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash or one containing fluoride. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our office today.
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