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We hope you and your family are safe and in good health. We are going above and beyond to make sure our infection control keeps everyone safe by:

1.  Having patients practice social distancing in our reception area
2.  No magazines or refreshments offered in the reception area
3.  If you prefer to be escorted from your car to the chair we are more than happy to provide you with that service
4.  Hand sanitizer is abundant and placed throughout the office. As well as multiple handwashing stations
5.  Upon entry we are taking all patients temperatures and having them fill out our screening form
6.  All staff are equipped with the proper personal equipment

Rest assured that you are in a safe, sterile environment for the duration of your visit.

Classic Smiles Team

Ways of Restoring Your Healthy Smile

Posted on 5/15/2020 by Classic Smiles
Ways of Restoring Your Healthy SmileUnfortunately, none of us live in a place where cavities don't exist, teeth don't break, and infections and tooth decay are nonexistent. We live in a world where over 90% of the population are in need of some type of oral restorative health care every year. So, let's talk about a few ways to bring back your smile and rebuilding your teeth in a strong and restorative way.

Restoring Your Smile

One of the first ways to have your smile restored is to have your tooth filled with a composite dental filling.  These are a great way to repair any cavities in your teeth and to give it that natural looking smile.

If you have decayed, broken, or cracked teeth, then a dental crown or a bridge is the best choice for you. However, if there are more than several missing or damaged teeth, you will likely need to have a dental bridge.

With teeth, small problems, if not taken care of, become bigger problems which is the case with root canals. In this case, when a root canal is needed, it effectively takes away the infection from within the tooth and helps to restore proper use.

In the case of a full or partial denture when you need either of these it is when you have several teeth missing, then you need dentures (full or partial) to return your smile.

In order to fully replace your tooth, you must replace the root of the tooth as well and that is where a dental implant comes into the picture. Implants are anchored to the jaw to provide a stable foundation for the replacement teeth to sit on. Today's implants look, feel, and work, like natural teeth,
If you would like to know more about how we can help restore your smile, contact our office today. We are always happy to hear from you.
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