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Have You Ever Noticed Your Teeth Being Sore After Eating Sweets?

Posted on 3/10/2020 by Classic Smiles
Have You Ever Noticed Your Teeth Being Sore After Eating Sweets?Many people around the world suffer from sensitive teeth. Many different conditions can cause sensitivity in adult and children. However, it's mostly adult who experience sensitivity to sweets. Even though you may be an adult, you may still like sweets every now and then. Everyone likes a slice of cake from time to time, right?

If you have teeth sensitivity due to sweet foods, there could be many different causes. Teeth sensitivity is normally caused by a loss of enamel. Enamel is the outer portion of teeth that protects the inner layers. Enamel, unlike skin, can't heal itself.

When you lose enamel, you lose it for good. After enamel wears down, the inner portion of your teeth may be exposed. This inner layer consists of a porous material called dentin. Underneath the dentin, there are very sensitive nerves. The sugar in food can pass through your dentin and reach these nerves and cause pain.

Is There Any Way to Solve Sweetness Sensitivity?

Fortunately, sweetness sensitivity is one of the easiest types of sensitivity to solve. While you can't regrow your enamel, you may benefit from sensitivity treatment. Sensitivity treatment is can consist of using over-the-counter products to combat sensitivity.

However, these products aren't as effective as the ones we offer in our clinic. We can treat sensitivity by applying a fluoride paste to your teeth or using a desensitizing product. We will choose which method to use depending on why your teeth are sensitive. After our treatment, you should be able to enjoy sweet foods again.

Having sensitive teeth is no fun. They can make it impossible to enjoy the foods you love. Sensitive teeth may be the result of another, more serious condition. This is why it's important to contact us if you're experiencing sensitive teeth. Call our office and we can help you with a solution to your sensitive teeth.
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