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5 signs that your child needs orthodontic care

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
A group of kids smilingA healthy smile is vital to your childUs overall health and growth. It is a source of pride and confidence as the child grows. As parents, the responsibility to care for their dental health falls in your hands. Therefore, you should keep tabs on when your child might need orthodontic treatment. If you notice the following early signs, visit our office for an orthodontic appointment.

Jaw misalignment

This can be corrected at an early stage by undergoing corrective jaw surgery and wearing braces. This condition causes a misalignment in the upper and the lower jaw. If left untreated it can cause serious dental complications in the future.

Thumb sucking

As this might tend to look obvious during early infancy, it might be a sign of a problem by the age of 2. It can cause the front teeth of the child to slant forward. This is a sign that your child needs braces. If possible, break the habit as early as the childUs adult teeth erupt.

Crowded teeth

Teeth can be crowded in the mouth and some might grow next to other teeth while others grow on the side. This crowding of teeth can lead to gum disease and even cavities. Therefore, you are advised to take your child to the local orthodontist for extraction or other preventive measures like the use of traditional braces depending on the condition of the teeth.

Early or late loss of baby teeth

Both situations call for an orthodontist. This is because, if the child loses their baby teeth earlier than usual, this might cause the remaining teeth to space out and fill the remaining spaces. Consecutively, if the child loses teeth late, the permanent teeth may be forced to move back causing overcrowding on the jaw. Either way, you will want to have a regular orthodontist that you can trust and go to.

Mouth breathing

Mouth breathing causes deformation of the facial structures. This leads to narrower jaws and calls for immediate treatment. If your child breathes through their mouth instead of the nose, you might want to book an appointment with us today!

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