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What Is A Dry Socket?

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Classic Smiles
What Is A Dry Socket?Severe tooth decay or impacted wisdom teeth are the common reasons for tooth extraction. While many people heal successfully after extraction, some experience complications. One of the common issues that is likely to occur after tooth extraction is a dry socket. A dry socket is a painful dental emergency that causes symptoms such as foul breath, bad taste in the mouth, and severe pain.

How Does A Dry Socket Occur?

Tooth extraction exposes the nerves and bones, increasing the risk of infections. The good news is that the body produces a blood clot that covers the sensitive parts and helps to stop bleeding. However, if the clot fails to develop or disappears before complete healing, it leaves a hollow socket. If left untreated, bacteria and debris will accumulate, which can delay the healing process.

What Increases The Risk Of A Dry Socket?

Anyone can experience a dry socket. However, some factors can increase the chances of a hollow socket after tooth extraction. Poor oral hygiene is a leading factor for a dry socket. When good oral hygiene is not your priority, you are at high risk of gum disease and infections. These oral issues can impact the formation of blood clots, leaving behind a hollow. Another factor that inhibits healing after tooth extraction is smoking. Smoking can destroy the newly formed blood clot, resulting in a dry socket. In this case, following proper tooth extraction care is vital to prevent complications.

How Can You Treat A Dry Socket?

While you can alleviate the symptoms of a dry socket with pain medications and antibiotics, seeking the help of a professional is the best way to deal with issues after tooth extraction. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, a dentist may suggest pain relievers, antibiotics, and socket cleaning. The dental hygienist may also provide self-care instructions to prevent further complications. Contact us if you experience discomfort or any symptom of a dry socket after tooth extraction.
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