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Why Would A Dentist Recommend A Nightguard?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Classic Smiles
Why Would A Dentist Recommend A Nightguard?Nightguards are custom-fitting mouth protectors that a dentist provides to address issues you may be having with your teeth. They are fabricated from acrylic and usually molded and created for individual patients. Nightguards are worn over teeth, helping provide protection during nighttime grinding and clenching.

Who Needs a Nightguard?

People get nightguards to have protection against the destructive damage caused by teeth grinding or jaw clenching over time. An individual who grinds and clenches teeth may have symptoms like flat and unattractive teeth, sensitivity to cold and hot, and loose and broken teeth. Muscle tenderness arising from grinding may result in neck aches and headaches. The jaw may also start clicking, popping, or become difficult to shut or open.

How a Nightguard Can Help

Wearing a nightguard helps offset and prevent possible damage arising from nighttime teeth grinding. A dentist creates these customized devices to fit your teeth and mouth, thus reducing the force of clenching and grinding.

Custom-fit nightguards feel comfortable and assist in promoting a healthy night's sleep. Wearing nightguards can, at the very least, alleviate pain, damage to teeth, and other issues that arise when you clench and grind for a lengthy period.

How a Dentist Can Help?

If you have been grinding or clenching, it is best you see a dentist for evaluation. You may not know the impact this habit is causing on your teeth and bite, but a dentist can catch the issues much earlier.

During regular visits, make sure to inform the dentist about your habit of clenching and grinding. If the dentist suspects you could be grinding, then you could be asked to get a mouthguard. The dentist will further look for potential signs indicating the possibility of grinding and clenching. You are also asked questions about your habits and whether you grind or not.

With the right intervention measures, a dentist may be able to put an end to or slow or reduce the negative effects that grinding causes to your teeth. Visit us today to be evaluated for nightguards if you clench or grind.

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