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What Types of Periodontal Surgery procedure?

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Classic Smiles
What Types of Periodontal Surgery procedure? Did you know that there are several forms of periodontal surgery? Gingival surgery entails a number of complex procedures. Attached gingiva flap surgery, soft - tissue surgery, and chondral surgery are the three major categories. Discover the many forms of gum surgery available at our dental office.

Surgery to Remove Gingival Flaps

The first form of surgical intervention is buccal flap surgery, often known as gum lift surgery by most patients. The gums are recontoured during gum lift surgery to enhance the look of the smile. It consists of gingivoplasty and similar health benefits. Dentists frequently use the terms interchangeably since they are essentially the same operation - albeit with distinct goals.

Gingival surgery is a sort of periodontal surgery that is more difficult to perform. Dentists frequently employ this form of surgery to treat severe gingival gum disease, especially when stripped bare root surfaces need to be covered. We also propose this operation for individuals with removable dentures in order to widen the oral vestibule and move free. The oral vestibule is defined as the space between theĀ cheeks and the gums.

A Non-Surgical Option to Gingival Surgery

The novel approach is an alternate way for bone and tissue transplants as well as pocket reduction. The treatment is minimally invasive, using only a tiny needle to puncture a hole in the gingival and a specific tool to move the tooth structure. It achieves comparable outcomes to a gum transplant but without the need for closures, a significant recovery period, or discomfort. Make an appointment to find out whether this alternative treatment is appropriate for you.

Gingival Surgery in San Diego is available.

Gingival surgery, like any other type of dental surgery, must be performed by a dentist. Our dentists have received extensive training in periodontal surgery to guarantee that our patients receive the finest possible outcomes. If you require periodontal surgery, go exclusively to a reputable dentist with extensive expertise, who specializes in gum lift operations, make an appointment with our dentist now.

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